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Bermuda`s Ewart Brown Survives No Confidence Vote

CaribWorldNews, HAMILTON, Bermuda, Mon. June 22, 2009: Bermuda`s parliament on Saturday rejected a resolution that called a no-confidence vote against Premier Ewart Brown.

After lengthy debate, Brown survived the vote 22-11. Opposition lawmakers had made the move after accusing Brown of `autocratic` behavior for agreeing in secret with U.S. authorities to four Chinuese Uighur Muslim refugees, who were originally detained at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

Kim Swan, leader of the opposition United Bermuda Party, told lawmakers that the resolution was not aimed at the government but only at Brown for causing an `international debacle.`

Brown argued he accepted the Uighurs on humanitarian grounds. The U.S., including President Barack Obama, has publicly praised the Bermuda government for the decision.