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Caribbean-Born Pol`s Former Chief Of Staff To Enter Guilty Plea

CaribWorldNews, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. June 23, 2009: The Jamaican-born former chief of staff to New York City politician, Dr. Kendall Stewart, is set to enter a guilty plea this week, CaribWorldNews has learnt.

Court documents accessed by CWNN show that Asquith Reid, Stewart`s former chief of staff, along with alleged co-conspirator and staffer, Joycinth `Sue` Anderson, are set to enter their pleas on Thursday.

Federal prosecutors say the two have advised the government that they wish to plead guilty before Judge Victor Marrero at 2 p.m. on June 25th.

Prosecutors alleged last April that both Reid and Anderson, former employees of Stewart, embezzled more than $145,000 in public funds.

The funds were apparently  taxpayers money Stewart had allocated over three years to the Donna Reid Memorial Education Fund, a non-profit honoring the memory of Reid`s late daughter.

Reid and Anderson allegedly embezzled the funds in a number of ways, including sending $31,000 in Donna Reid Fund monies to individuals, including family members and friends, in Jamaica via Western Union wire transfers; and spending approximately $18,000 on a hall used for events for a political club controlled by Councilmember Stewart, and spending more than $3,000 on campaign literature for the Councilmember.

Anderson also cashed thousands of dollars in Donna Reid fund checks and gave the money to Asquith Reid, according to the 2008 indictment.

At the time of the indictment and arrest, U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia had said, `The two aides` loyalty `should have been to the New York City taxpayers. Instead, they were driven by greed.`

Stewart, a Democrat, cooperated in the federal probe and has not been implicated in the scheme.  At a recent political debate hosted by Whatz Up TV, the politician denied the two worked for him and said they merely ran a community-based organization at the time the alleged theft occurred.

Because of the copped plea, the trial scheduled for this August has been cancelled.