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Former `Grenada 17` Prisoner Relieved To Be Home

CaribWorldNews, ST. GEORGE`S, Grenada, Tues. Sept. 8, 2009: A former member of the  much-touted `Grenada 17` group of prisoners, is speaking for the first time since his surprise release from jail Saturday.

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Grenada, Bernard Coard,  exclaimed he is relieved but surprised to be released from jail. Coard along with six others , convicted for the murder of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and several members of his cabinet in the coup of 1983, were released on Saturday after a total of 26 years.

Ten other members of the 17 were previously released. The seven released Saturday were the last men still in prison for their involvement in the overthrow and death of Bishop and several others. The men were found guilty in a trial in 1986 of ordering the army to execute the men and were sentenced to death. Those released Saturday were previously due to be out by 2010.

`We failed to practice tolerance, which is so important in situations such as that and I could go on and on we made many, many errors. And these errors created conditions which facilitated October of 1983 which were all very traumatic and very tragic,` said Coard, in reflecting on the infamous coup.  `It is something that I personally and those of us involved will have to live with for the rest of our lives, that is a fact and there is no way around it.