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Haiti: Unhappy anniversary

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Five frustrating years later, an earthquake-torn nation searches for stability



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FOR five years since an earthquake, known in Creole as the goudougoudou, struck Haiti on January 12th 2010, the capital’s cinemas have lain in ruins. The loss of hundreds of thousands of lives, the uprooting of 1.5m people and post-quake cholera outbreaks are obviously more traumatic for a nation of 10m that is among the poorest on earth. But the rebuilt Cinéma Triomphe near the centre of Port-au-Prince, with a gleaming red sign and a glass atrium, could have been a symbol of progress. Until last month, that is, when protesters threw rocks through its windows.
Such discouraging stories are ubiquitous. Despite a $10 billion rescue and recovery effort launched amid a shower of goodwill, the job looks half-done. …