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Indo-Caribbean Studies Association Launched At Warwick

By John Mair

CaribWorldNews, WARWICK, UK, Weds. May 20, 2009: Britain’s two most distinguished Indo-Caribbean scholars, Professor David Dabydeen of the University of Warwick and Professor Clem Seecharan of London Metropolitan University, plus the most successful publisher of Caribbean books in the UK, Jeremy Poynting of Peepal Tree Press, have launched the Indo-Caribbean Studies Association at Warwick University.

The Association was launched on Saturday 16th May and is the brainchild of Dr Letizia Gramaglia, who has just completed a PhD at Warwick on madness and the asylum in Berbice, Guyana, under Professor Dabydeen.

The aim of ICSA is threefold: to encourage links among scholars of the Indo-Caribbean worldwide, to set up a respectable and respected journal of Indo-Caribbean studies with a Pukka editorial board and peer-reviewed output, and to mount an annual conference on Indo-Caribbean Studies. The organizing committee announced the establishment of the Janet Jagan Memorial Prize in honor of the just deceased leader of the PPP. That will bring a Caribbean scholar – free of charge – to that conference.

Both Dabydeen and Seecharan welcomed the founding  of the ICSA – believed to have been made possible by a generous benefactor – as both had been toiling in that intellectual vineyard somewhat alone for rather a long time. Warwick’s Centre for Caribbean Studies was established two plus decades ago and survives to this day. Ironically, Seecharan’s Department of Caribbean Studies at London Metropolitan looks likely to close due to a severe financial crisis at that university.

For more on the association, log on to www.go.warwick.ac.uk/icsa.