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Jamaican Family Still Awaiting Justice For Murdered Daughter Eight Months Later

CaribWorldNews, QUEENS, NY, Fri. June 19th, 2009: It’s been over eight months since their daughter, Sabrina Matthews was found murdered in their home, but for Jamaican parents, Livingston and Sherita Matthews, the pain of that shocking day seems all too recent.

It has been made more painful by the fact that no arrests have been made in the case of the child many called `Brains,` and to her family, the failure of the police to arrest anyone or bring them justice is even more heart wrenching. 

`I want them to catch the killer,` Mr. Matthews told CWNN exclusively from his Cambria Heights, NY home this week.

`I just want justice,` added Mrs. Matthews, her voice flooding with emotion as she struggled to contain tears that still come all too easily ever since November 9, 2008, when she got news that her 14-year-old had been found with her throat slashed in their Queens home. While many were celebrating news of the Barack Obama win, the Matthews were mourning the murder of their daughter.

Mrs. Matthews said she had last seen Sabrina alive after 11 p.m. that night when she came in to her room for some `Vaseline` to put on her lips.

`It was last I saw her,` said an emotional Mrs. Matthews, adding that when she woke up near six the next morning to go to work she did see some little spots on the floor that looked like mud and left a note for the teen to clean it up.

Little did she know that in the next room, her daughter was already dead, her throat slashed according to an autopsy. It was only hours later, when her two other daughters came to her job and told her there was emergency at home did she realize that Sabrina had been dead for hours.

To date, the killer of the Martin Van Buren ninth-grader remains on the lam but Mr. Matthews says he can’t help but think that the murderer may be living nearby and watching them daily.

`Sabrina died at 12:30 according to the autopsy and I left the house at 11 or 11:15 to go to my job so that means that the person could have been watching me leave and come in my house as soon as I left,` surmised Mr. Matthews, who found the body, after returning from work the next day.

The death is especially hard for him he says, since the teen was the last of his children and according to him, `the sweetest.` `She never frown. I never see her with a boy. I never heard no boy call her on the phone,` he added, saying it was only after the teen`s death that he heard rumors of his daughter hanging out with `a rough crowd.`

But to the Matthews, the rumors matter not, since all they want is justice for their daughter.

`I can’t believe Sabrina is dead,` said Mr. Matthews. `There’s a constant pain in my stomach. She was my favorite of all my daughters and the sweetest.`

`The police, they claim they working on it but we hear nothing,` said Mrs. Matthews. `It’s killing me. I want this issue resolved. I want answers. I don’t want her death to go in vain.`

Investigators still say they have no suspects though police earlier on had claimed the killing may have been linked to someone Sabrina met over the Internet. Anyone with information is urged to call Crimestoppers at 1-886-577-TIPS.