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Jamaican Migrant Engineers `Greener` Turf

CaribWorldNews, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. May 6, 2009: A Jamaican-born civil engineer is being lauded for designing an environmentally-friendly synthetic golf turf.

Charles Williams is the design and technical expert behind the newly launched, environmentally-friendly synthetic athletic turf, Golf Greens Fore U, a premier, made in the USA synthetic turf manufacturer.

The New Jersey resident invented `performance roll` technology to simulate multi-directional elements of natural grass. The made in American Golf Greens Fore U and Olympia Athletic Turf lines are 100 percent lead-free and 70 percent recycled.

Williams partnered with Golf Greens Fore U and used his engineering skills to take the firm greener under its Olympia Athletic Turf name.

`The new Olympia turf product line brings safer, softer and environmentally-sound lead-free turf to athletic fields,` said company President Joseph Ali, noting the athletic turf is offered in addition to its exclusive multi-directional golf and putting turf selections, also newly designed by Mr. Williams.

Golf Greens Fore U manufactures, designs and installs high-end, lead-free, environmentally-friendly synthetic golf greens using `performance roll` technology to simulate multi-directional elements of natural grass.

The Olympia selection of athletic turf brings several offerings to the plate, in addition to synthetic greens for golf and putting.

In the golf line up, Ali says the synthetic turf by Golf Greens Fore U improves putting and chipping skills, lowers game scores, is soft to touch, and is maintenance-free.