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On hurricanes, Brexit, Turkey, Richard Posner, Myanmar, diamonds

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Jeremy Corbyn: Britain’s most likely next prime minister

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The hurricane season
There is no question that the British Virgin Islands are on the front line of climate change, alongside our neighbours in the Caribbean (“Paradise lost”, September 16th). Irma was particularly ferocious, perhaps a sign of the increased intensity of such storms to come. Since Irma hit, the government of the BVI has worked tirelessly to provide food, shelter, water and power. Our tourism infrastructure will take time to rebuild, but we have made considerable strides towards returning to business as usual in the financial-services sector.

Britain has pledged short-term aid, which is welcome, but a longer-term reconstruction package will be required to rebuild the BVI in the wake of Irma, and now Maria, and we will be looking to work with Britain and other partners to achieve this as rapidly as possible. Patch and mend is not …