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Mocking Alexander Hamilton From Nevis

Commentary By Arthur Piccolo

CaribWorldNews, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. June 15, 2009: We find it nothing less than absurd that the Premier of the island of Nevis, Joseph Parry, came to New York City earlier this month to promote investment by intoning the name of The Great Alexander Hamilton.

This move was highly hypocritical as Parry did not respond to an invitation to attend an event honoring Hamilton by the Museum of American Finance in January 2008.  The invitation that Parry ignored included participation in a high profile bell ringing ceremony at the New York Stock Exchange and raising the Nevis flag at Bowling Green in Lower Manhattan, an area synonymous with Hamilton’s life.

Efforts to keep Alexander Hamilton’s memory, and specifically his Nevis roots alive in the 21st Century, have been led by the Bowling Green Association and a few members of New York’s Caribbean Diaspora. We wonder if Parry has ever taken the time to pay homage to Hamilton at his grave in Lower Manhattan or if he knows where it is.

In evidencing a colonial mindset, Parry boasted a meeting with a `majority-owned` public relations firm that Nevis’ citizens likely will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. We wonder if Parry met with any Caribbean American or African American public relations firms or potential investors during his visit. 
For the sake of Nevisians, we hope that Caribbean Americans and African Americans will not eschew the island although Parry apparently is disinterested in doing business with them.

We could write much more about this sad chapter in the current history of Nevis, but Mr. Parry is not worth us wasting any more ink on him or his retrograde mentality. Long live Alexander Hamilton, America’s greatest immigrant (despite the current Premier of his native island)!

EDITOR`S NOTE: Mr. Piccolo is chairman of the Bowling Green Association of NY.