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Two Million For Family Of Jamaican Migrant Who Died On Hospital Floor

CaribWorldNews, BROOKLYN, NY, Thurs. May 28, 2009: The family of the Jamaican migrant whose death on a Brooklyn hospital floor created global headlines, will get a US$2 million pay day.

New York City`s  Health and Hospitals Corporation on Wednesday agreed to pay the family of Esmin Elizabeth Green, who collapsed and died at Kings County Hospital Center`s psychiatric ward in June 2008, the sum and accept full responsibility for the death of the 49-year-old migrant.

Green`s death shocked many after a videotape was leaked that showed the woman lying on the floor for more than an hour while workers at the city-run hospital did nothing to help her.

Attorney Stanford Rubenstein, the lawyer for Green`s family, called the settlement of the wrongful-death lawsuit, filed in State Supreme Court in Brooklyn, `fair and reasonable,` but said the family would continue to press for accountability.

`What remains most important to this family is the criminal culpability for those responsible for what happened and those who attempted to cover it up, which continues, after all this time, to remain under investigation by the New York City Department of Investigation,` Rubenstein said in a statement. `In no way does this settlement affect that investigation, and the family remains adamant in its demands that anyone who committed a criminal act with regard to the death of Esmin Green or the attempt to cover it up be prosecuted criminally to the full extent of the law.`

Green is survived by six children in Jamaica but was living in the U.S. alone. She had reportedly become depressed after losing her job. – By CWNN Staffer