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West Indian cricket: The Windies won

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West Indian cricket



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Why The Economist failed to predict a stunning victory

WRITING about West Indian cricket last year, The Economist tried to explain “why a dazzling team has faded”. On April 3rd in Kolkata, the West Indian men’s and women’s teams both dazzled by winning the Twenty20 (T20) championships. We feel nearly as sheepish as the bookmakers who put the odds of that happening at 150 to one.
Caribbean players excel at T20 cricket, a three-hour version of the game in which each side bowls 20 overs (six ball-tosses towards the batsman). When they come together every few years for international T20 tournaments they do well; the men won a world championship in 2012. Where they fall short is in one-day international (ODI) and five-day Test matches. In fact, those failures are one reason for the …